Friday, October 11, 2013

The Much Anticipated Price List

Horsemanship with Meisja Price List

Lessons at your facility

Private: 30.00
Group (2+): 25.00

Discount private lesson rates (25.00) available for multiple lessons in one location, so tell your friends that they want a private lesson too!

Horse conditioning service

Initial consultation and planning session 20.00
            We’ll discuss your goals, your horses’ goals and take into account your horses physical condition, nutrition schedule, and current training regimen to create a custom conditioning schedule for you and your horse.

Conditioning and training service is paid for on a monthly basis and prices may vary depending on travel distance. 
1 ride per week, 100.00 per month
2 rides per week, 150.00 per month
3 rides per week, 200.00 per month
1 ride per week and one lesson per week, 170.00 per month
2 rides per week and one lesson per week, 230.00 per month
3 rides per week and one lesson per week, 260.00 per month

Bare hoof care

Rehab trim (my first time trimming your horse), 40.00
Maintenance trim (only if your horse is put on a 6 week trim cycle and we schedule your next appointment at the time of service), 30.00
Pulling shoes and a trim, 50.00

Horse Starting
Starting is time consuming and requires advanced skills and a higher risk, I usually only start horses under the age of 5 but I am willing to evaluate your older horse.

Initial evaluation 25.00- I will spend some time with your horse and listen to your goals so that we, as a team, can develop a starting plan that works for everyone.
After the initial evaluation I will be able to quote you starting price between 500.00 and 800.00, depending on the complexity of the task and travel distance. This will all be performed at your facility/home. This fee includes groundwork, saddling, teaching the horse to accept the bit and give to pressure, and 20 rides, walk, trot, and canter. This task will generally take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. LIMITED AVALIBAILITY