Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer time for the Mobile Equine Professional

       The summer of 2014 has been, all in all, spectacular. As my clientele and services have been hammered into a more established pattern I thought it was high time I updated this Blog.

       Whole Horse Bare Hoof Care is a HUGE part of what I do and what I teach and encourage. Taking the shoes off of your horse is not an easier/cheaper choice, and for some few horses it may not be the right choice. But if you want to explore Bare-hoof care I am here to help. The standard basic hoof trim and balance is $40.00. I currently trim for a wide variety of horses and owners, from DVM to the 'Pony for the grand kids'. I am always excited to work with you to achieve your horses ultimate hoof potential, through trimming, diet, habitat, and if needed glueing and booting.

       I teach horsemanship lessons on your horse at your pace. I firmly believe that the best way to achieve your potential as an adult rider is through the strength of the relationship that you and your horse share. Many individuals that have the means and desire to have their own horse hesitate to jump into the commitment because of the lack of an equine support network. Who should I get hay from? Which vet should I call? How do I know if I really NEED that $800 saddle, will a $300 one work just as well? What are splint boots? What kind of fencing is best? What size bit does he need? Is that normal?  etc. I can help you get the information and support you need to have the horse you've always dreamed of.  I am a firm believer in solid equitation from the rider and a through education for the horse. A strong foundation for horse and rider is essential to success, safety, confidence, and happiness. There is never only one way to do things. Let's get together and talk about what's going to work for you and your equine partner.

     I also offer training for horses (and their humans) that have hit a rough patch in their training/riding/handling routine. Sometimes having an outside set of eyes is all it takes to solve the problem.