Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Now Teaching Riding Lessons

Schooling X-country course at Pegasus Event Center

Water Obstacles at The Extreme Horseman Challange 

Schooling a horse in-hand

     I am pleased to announce that I will be teaching lessons.  I will be taking new students of any age. The methods I teach are based on a philosophy of body and mind connectedness, teaching both the horse and rider to be aware and focused both mentally and physically, to create a harmonious partnership based on trust and recignition. This partnership can be taught in a western or english saddle, so you are free to ride in whatever tack you feel most comfortable. My formal training has been primarily in eventing (Show jumping, Cross-country jumping, and Dressage).
    Horses learn from the release of pressure, therefore it is the goal of the rider to learn the correct timing of application and release of pressure. During this learning process, a strong foundation of balance, suppleness, and correct horsemanship will will be laid.

Here are what a few of my former students have had to say,

 "She was sought after as an instructor for her calm demeanor, encouraging and explicit style, and her consistently high standards."

"She was an excellent instructor and great with all of the clients. Her happy and animated personality brought out a smile in our toughest students..."

"While she is as hardy as any workhorse or mule, but she differs in her ability to befriend any animal and their owner; and amazingly, due to her life experience, she has the compassion to heal and enable them. Many horses and hearts have been touched by her..."


I look forward to working with you to achieve your horsemanship goals,

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